I attended a bioinformatics panel at BioscienceLA

I was invited by Braid Theory for their event called Let’s B. Cereus: Biotech Beyond Human Health hosted by BioscienceLA.

The focus of the event was biomanufacturing in Southern California, challenges and advantages of having a biotech start up in Los Angeles, and the (bioinformatics) tools to improve throughput in synthetic biology. There were interesting discussions around how we can improve the LA biotech ecosystem for climatetech and bluetech start ups.

It was very exciting to be joined by some very talented scientists and entrepreneurs, such as Stanley Maloy of San Diego State University, Gabriel Levesque-Tremblay of Orbillion Bio, and Pavle Stojkovic of Omeat.

I can’t wait to attend more of the BioscienceLA events, and huge thanks to Braid Theory for the invitation! And also huge thanks to Thermo Fisher Scientific for supporting my attendance to this event.