Insight and Out of Sight

I applied for Insight data science fellowship towards the end of 2019. I heard about Insight from my mentor Dr Mandeville at the University of Guelph and was really excited during the whole application process. After the first application I prepared a demo project and voila, I got accepted into the Heath Data Science Fellowship. I was so excited to be among the top 10% of >4000 people who were accepted into this amazing program.

The program was due to start May 26th, 2020 but I ended up rejecting it because of the shady income share aggreement conditions that came in the picture much later given the program was free when I applied and got accepted. So yeah, it was a bummer. But all is well now. I am happy I have met some very great people along the way and we will keep connected out-of-sight.

Not continuing with Insight gave me the motivation I needed to take this amazing online class PyTorch.

So far so good.